SEO step by step

SEO step by step
How to implement an effective SEO strategy? How SEO methods save time as well as bring the best results. Let's find out the reasonable and optimal SEO process to make the best use of time and resources. The basic SEO process is divided into 5 main steps:

+ Step 1: Build the website structure.

  • Optimize the code to limit errors and reduce website load time.
  • Each Page receives a separate H1, H2 tag.
  • Non-duplicate content (especially important for new websites).
  • There is a link between the subpages.
  • Friendly URL structure.
  • Clear website structure, easy for bots to access and crawl. Set up navigation bots
  • Set up user navigation, and have sitemaps for both Google bots and Users

+ Step 2: Research and select keywords and do On-page SEO

  • Determine the purpose of the website.
  • List the keywords you want to do and have to do.
  • Competitor analysis to choose the right keywords.
  • Write articles and optimize On page: title, meta, URL, H1, H2,...
  • Balance the density of keywords in the article, you should only put 2-3 main keywords in an article.- Handle internal links.

+ Step 3: Link building (to do Offpage SEO)

  • Build a natural link-building strategy according to popular models Link Wheel, Link Primary, Link Juice, ....
  • Prioritize making quality and relevant content pages first.
  • Pay attention to dofollow and nofollow attributes of link sites (dofollow priority, nofollow restriction).
  • Create anchor text links and alt tags for images.

+ Step 4: Share the content on social networks after

  • Join communities on social networks such as Facebook, Google + to make friends and share the content of your website.
  • Support real-time community interaction. For example: put Facebook comments, google+ comments after each post, ...
  • Although being on social networks has no direct effect on keyword ranking because the links are often in the form of nofollow, it has a great effect in increasing the trust of the website (one of the important factors in website evaluation). by Google)

+ Step 5: Monitor, evaluate results, and adjust the SEO campaign

Learn how to use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools tools to track website parameters. From there, promote the strengths of the website and fix errors arising when operating the website.