An effective and economical advertising method

An effective and economical advertising method
Get professional website design. The biggest benefit that we bring is the cost savings and the facilitation of online advertising.

Professional web design service company where professional website design is received from basic templates to advanced templates and we also accept web design nationwide from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Binh From Duong to Ninh Binh or anywhere in the country, we can support web design for you.

Advertise with banners, images, flash, video, introductory text on the website: everything can be included in the advertisement, from the product layout to the design of the background images behind the advertising content, Let your logo or any product brand stand out

Technology used:

- Loadblancing: load balancing server, allowing unlimited expansion of hardware, ensuring load capacity when the number of customers is too large

- Memcached, XML cache, Ramcache: cache your website, reduce server load and speed up website

- Ajax: web writing technology that allows to load part of the website instead of loading the whole page, you can add a series of products to the website without waiting.

- Rewrite URL: Allows to add search keywords to the website's URL, combined with title and meta tags to allow Google to appreciate your website more.

- Zendcode: Safer for source code, avoiding hacker intrusion.

Benefits of web design:

- Cost savings

- Fast website handover time

- Website is highly secured

- Using the latest technology today

- Website is designed according to the latest SEO standards today

- Quick support 24/7