How to write highly effective SEO articles

How to write highly effective SEO articles
SEO writing is a process of optimizing content to attract traffic from search engines and improve a website's position in search results. Here are some ways to write articles with the latest SEO standards 2024 to bring high efficiency:

Content Organization:

  • Article titles are easy to read and search. The tip is that the Title Must Contain the Keywords that the article content is targeting.
  • Organize your content into sections, short paragraphs, and headings.
  • Use heading tags (H2, H3,...) to classify and emphasize important parts of the content. The content does not contain the H1 tag because the H1 tag is already for the article title
  • Highlight important phrases or keywords embedded in the content
  • Minimize copying content from another website. It both respects copyright and is highly appreciated by Google

Meta Tag Optimization:

  • Write compelling titles and meta descriptions that contain your target keywords and summarize the content of your website accurately.
  • Maximum Meta Title length is 65 characters
  • Maximum Meta Description length is 155 characters, and preferably between 120-155 characters
  • Make sure each web page has a unique title and description. (no overlap between pages)
  • Meta Keyword contains about 3-5 keyword phrases, separated by commas ","

Use Keywords Naturally:

  • Use target keywords naturally in your content, and avoid keyword spam.
  • Make sure the content is still informative and valuable to readers.

Add Internal Links and External Links:

  • Add internal links to connect different pages within your website: In your article, there are words or phrases that you have explained clearly in another article. Create a link so customers can click on it to go to that article.
  • List articles related to the content you are currently writing.
  • Add external links to reputable and relevant sources of information to provide readers with additional information if needed.

Image Optimization:

  • Optimize image size to reduce page load time. Reduce image size before uploading to the website, you can use the tool
  • Change the image before uploading it to the website. Use keywords in the image name and description.

Check and Fix:

  • Check thoroughly to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors.
  • Make sure links work and redirect properly.

By following the above principles and techniques, you can write effective SEO copy and improve your website's position in search engines.

Tips for writing articles with DybiWeb's management page:

  1. Meta Title, Meta Description, Short Description, and Article Content can replace the current year with 2024. For example, if you have an article titled "Fashion Trends in 2024", this article will become old if it passes 2025. Instead, you can set the Meta Title as "Fashion Trends in 2024", when Therefore, the content of this tag in the HTML code will be "Fashion Trends 2024" if the current year is 2024, and next year it will automatically change to "Fashion Trends 2025".
  2. Article content can be replaced:
  3. [ name ]: gives the display name of the website
  4. [ phone ]: gives the contact phone number. If there are multiple phone numbers, take the first number
  5. [ email ]: for the contact email. If there are multiple emails, take the first email
  6. [ address ]: for the contact address. If there are multiple addresses, take the first address

This way, when you change your address/email/phone number or even website name, the content will change automatically, without having to edit each post again.

Note: You should write the keywords [ year ], [ name ], [ phone ], [ email ], [ address ] without spaces (in this article, if you write without spaces, it will be replaced with the current year). at, website name, phone number, email, address (so you have to write that)