Meaning of some meta tags

Meaning of some meta tags
Meta tag is a tag used to provide information about the website in a nutshell to both browsers and users or bots from search engines. Currently, many people are misinterpreting its meaning...

This article will explain the meaning of most Meta tags to help you apply them more rationally and suggest which Meta tags you should or shouldn't use.

Meta Title: This tag content is used similarly to the title tag.

Meta Keywords: Keyword tags used to format web page content. Keywords are used by the SE to index your site with more information from the content of the title, body, and other elements. This word is often used to provide related keywords that are synonymous or similar to the keywords of the title.

Meta Description: This tag is used to describe the content of a web page. The content of this card should be short and concise with 20 to 25 words or less. This is the tag used by most SEs to display search results content.

Meta Copyright: This is only your trademark tag or your personal or intellectual property copyright information.

Meta Designer: This tag is used to provide information about the interface designer for the website.

Meta Google: This tag is only used for you want to remove content from Google. Attributes of this tag:

You don't have to use this tag unless you want to control the Google bot at your own discretion for the structure of your website. This is the tag that Google is definitely interested in. Or you can also apply these tags in the following practical cases: You change the content structure and website path, and you will still keep the old version, but with this tag, google will automatically delete the corresponding indexes. with this link. However, it is best to use Redirect Permanently 301 which will help you transfer PageRank from the old page to the new page.