Does domain extension affect SEO?

Does domain extension affect SEO?
Many people say that the domain name extension does not affect SEO, google focuses on website content. is it really?

In order to avoid spam website problems, Google has publicly stated that they are very wary of domain names with strange endings because they do not know whether the extension is reputable, popular or not. But I say that is not impossible to SEO, but domain names with extensions like .mobi, .tv, .pro,….will need more time to SEO.

Therefore, the best SEO domains are international domains (.com, .info, .net, .org) and country-level domains, in which .com always takes precedence over both and time. Appearing in Google will be faster than other tails.

So what tail is good for the brand?

Currently, if we talk about frequency of use, the .com, .net and .vn endings are the most popular in Vietnam, even the most popular ending is .com, which has entered the catchphrase "Hold on to dot com. “So make sure that if you use .com, it will be more beneficial to remember in the customer's brain. Most of these extensions can be used for any type of website.

In case you have no other way to choose another name to use .com, I recommend using the .vn extension instead of .net or .info because the pronunciation is simple, it's pure Vietnamese, but it's easy to register a beautiful name. The only thing is that the .vn domain name is quite expensive compared to other international domain names, and you can only register it at domain name registrars in Vietnam.